The New Kukkiwon Flag

You may have noticed the new Kukkiwon flag next to the World Tae Kwon Do Federation flag, American flag, and Korean flag at the back of the school.

Photo of Game Day on  January 9, 2013 by Little Dragon student Gabriel Brown, age 5

Ever wonder…what is Kukkiwon, and what does it mean?

Kukkiwon is the center for learning and research of taekwondo, located in Seoul, Korea.  It is also known as the World Taekwondo Headquarters.

It was established by the South Korean government as the taekwondo governing organization, to spread knowledge of the national Korean sport and to raise popularity of the martial art.

Kukkiwon is a center for instructor training and has its own full-time taekwondo demonstration team that performs around the world. The World Taekwondo Championships and various national competitions are held at Kukkiwon.

Marina Cho’s Taekwondo Academy is part of the Kukkiwon Family.

Besides Taekwondo, there is only one other martial arts sport in the Olympics…can you guess what it is?  Visit our earlier blog post here for the answer...

Interested in learning more about Kukkiwon? Please visit the official site of Kukkiwon, here, or the Korea Tourism website/Kukkiwon page, here.

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